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early rice造句

"early rice"是什么意思  
  • The field of early rice wants weeding
  • The changes of eating and cooking quality of indica early rice in different cropping seasons
  • In the early rice growing years , the process was greater in desalting than in accumulating
  • Now the phenomenon of desolation of early rice or planting one - season rice was very common
  • For this pattern early rice and late rice in summer , cash crops in winter were mainly planted
  • A study on the effects of several kinds of fertilizer used to the whole plough layer on high quality early rice
  • During early rice growth period , the temperature was from low to high , while it was opposite for late rice
  • The early rice experiment was in split - split plot design with 3 3 2 for variety fertilizer plant population
    早稻试验采用裂区-裂区设计3 3 2布置品种肥料密度。
  • The highest early rice yield in this experiment was 5874 . 8kg / ha and lower than the general yield in common years
    试验早稻最高产量为5874 . 8公斤/公顷,比平常年份普通产量要低。
  • For instance , table 1 and figure 1 present data for two production functions , one for early rice and one for late rice
  • But in full panicle stage , k uptake of late rice was less than that of early rice , this situation was obviously related to weather
  • In the experiments , soil drainage method was used at shaoxing and deep water method at fuyang for early rice , and soil drainage method was adopted at both sites for late rice
  • 3 . the investigation about the planting area of main crops in taizhou region indicated that the area for planting early rice rapidly declined , at the same time , the cash crops expanded
    3 、通过对台州市几种主要作物种植面积的变化调查,表明在经?#31859;?#29289;发展的同时,早稻种植面积下降的比较快。
  • It was found that potassium uptake in seedling stage for late rice was higher than for early rice , the former occupied 7 . 5 % of total k uptake , the latter only occupied 0 . 3 % , the same situation was observed at maximum tillering stage
    已发现苗期晚稻吸钾量高于早稻,晚稻占吸钾总量的7 . 5 % ,早稻仅占0 . 3 % ,最大分蘖期也观察到同样的情形。
  • The most important factors affected crop yield and economics in these experiments were : rape : population density ; early rice : interaction of p k ; late rice : rate of nitrogen application ; wheat : variety ; midrice . interaction of n k
  • Field experiments were conducted at shaoxing and fuyang , zhejiang province , using split - split plot design on early rice and split plot design on late rice respectively , to identify the roles of variety , fertilizer and plant population in achieving higher yield
  • Comparing with early rice k uptake at seedling and maximum tillering stage in late rice was obviously higher , while k uptake at full heading and ripe stage was lower , so for potassium fertilization of early rice , we should pay attention to both early stage and middle stage
  • As was proven by the experiment , the average harvest indexes were 0 . 62 for early rice and 0 . 61 for late rice respectively at shaoxing , while 0 . 57 and 0 . 55 for fuyang , this means that a similar rice yield at fuyang would require larger amount of total dry matter production than at shaoxing
    试验证明,绍兴早稻和晚稻的平均收获指数分别为0 . 62和0 . 61 ,富阳的分别为0 . 57和0 . 55 ,这意味着同样的水稻产量在富阳需要比在绍兴更大数量的干物质生产。
  • Abstract : the investigation of summer migration of rice water weevil lissorhoptrus oryzophilus kuschel in double cropping rice area of zhejiang province in 1994 and 1995 indicated that the main cause of its always low population density in second generation is that most of the adults of first generation emigrated from early rice fields for summer and winter hibernation
  • So in order to get good response for hybrid early rice , potassium fertilizer should be applied at early stage , attention should also be paid to middle stage ; for hybrid late rice , k supply in seedling stage and tillering stage should be paid more attention , at middle - late stage certain amount of k should be supplied according to k nutrition
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