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  • In some ways the story of eads has been a one - off
    在某些方面, eads事件是空前绝后的。
  • Three chief executives have had to leave eads and airbus
  • The u . s . coast guard employs the eads hh - 65 dolphin in an air - sea rescue
  • Everyone involved ( not least the taxpayers who still have to lend eads money to develop new aircraft ) should benefit from these changes
  • And the spanish government is eager to double its 5 % share in eads , in the hope of landing more airbus manufacturing jobs
  • This push from mr sarzoky led to a more sensible regime , with a frenchman running eads and a german at the controls of airbus
    由法国人管理eads ,由德国人管理空客,来自萨尔科齐先生的这一推动力给空客带来了更合理的管理体制。
  • Eads had two chairmen and two chief executives ? one german and one frenchman for each job ? and no way of getting decisions made
    Eads拥有两位董事会主席和两位行政总裁? ?每个职位各由一名德国人和一名法国人担任? ?因此无法做出决议。
  • And this week eads confirmed rumours that the delay to the a380 had increased to two years and spelled out the financial consequences
  • Before taking over as co - chief executive of eads earlier this year he was boss for ten years at sncf , the french state - owned railway firm
    今年年初,加洛瓦接任欧航联席首席执行官之职,在此之前,他担任法国国营铁路公司( sncf )的总?#20040;?#21313;年之久。
  • Politicians in both countries are on their soapboxes howling about job losses and calling for the repayment of subsidies that eads received from local governments
  • Meeting at the airbus head office between angela merkel and nicolas sarkozy on july 16th was due to bring the drama of eads to a climax
    安格拉?默克尔和尼古拉?萨科齐7月16日在空客总部举行的会议原本会将欧洲航空防务与空间集团( eads )上演的剧情推向高潮。
  • Eads , the standard - bearer of the european aerospace and defence industry , was born out of a common european desire to create a competitor to america ' s boeing
  • Delays in the airbus a380 superjumbo have forced eads to examine changes to the way it produces large commercial jets , including an overhaul of airbus management
  • The delay will knock a further 4 . 8 billion euro dollars ( $ 6 billion ) off profits and 6 . 3 billion euro dollars off revenues at eads between 2006 and 2010
  • Last week the german government organised a special consortium to take up the 7 . 5 % of shares in eads , airbus ' s parent , being sold by daimlerchrysler
    上周,德国政府组织了一个特别财团,对戴?#38450;?克莱斯勒出售的欧洲航空防务与航天公司( eads ) (空客的母公司) 7 . 5的股份进行认购。
  • His aim was to broker a deal with angela merkel , germany ' s chancellor , to simplify the odd bicephalic leadership structure at airbus ' s parent company , eads
    他的目的是与德国总理安吉拉?默克尔达成一笔交易,以简化空客母公司? ?欧洲航空防务和航天公司( eads )内部古怪的双头领导结构。
  • The company ' s failure to provide more timely information about the scale of its problems also triggered investigations into the share dealings of executives and eads board members
  • A cumbersome twin - headed structure that gave eads german and french co - chairmen and co - chief executives has been complicated by the desire of airbus bosses in toulouse to go their own way
  • But those senior managers who have so far survived both the resignations and a big overhaul of the once dysfunctional relationship between airbus and eads face an unwelcome distraction at the very least
  • Casgc president li hai and airbus president ( front , first from right ) and chief executive officer , and eads co - ceo , louis gallois ( front , first from left ) sign the agreements and shake hands
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